April, 17

Just a story, about how we choose something. Where a misconduct had occurred at the beginning of the story. It happens. Actually has occurred. And enjoy it, then select it, and betrayed it all.

A sweet beginning was formed with pleasant behavior, pronounced with beautiful words, ending with a hug of love, and beautiful movements began.

Of all these events, there’s something wrong. Things that should not happen. One thing that is forbidden. But such actions would continue to do, in a long, long time. Incredible.

For fun, so eventually forget doubts. Where it is not mine, and it’s not yours. Too weak to be affected, so I fell, and could not get out.

Indeed, it feels good. Indeed, it feels comfortable. But when everything has changed, suddenly lost patience, followed by the loss of insanity. A terrible end, which makes tonight feel sad is lost.

Damaging an appointment, damaging a person’s behavior, and release something that we like is a very painful thing. So do not choose things that have been considered bad because it looks good, because it sounds delicious, Because it tastes great. It can ruin everything. And it feels so bad at the end.

Why do I write this with the English language? Due to complicate someone who has been injured because of me. And I do not want the person to know that I had been hurt as well as herself. I feel like a loser and a traitor.


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